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Elite offers a dance curriculum that provides the perfect balance of dance fundamentals, technique, exploration and fun! Your dancer will gain confidence, teamwork and a love for dance from our expert faculty helping them reach their fullest potential.

Itty Bitty Acro

Itty Bitty Acro is a great way to build your little dancer's strength, flexibility, and coordination. Dancers will love exploring this action packed class that is filled with age-appropriate acro and tumbling basics. Students will learn forward rolls, backwards rolls, pre-handstands, and pre-cartwheels along with important locomotive skills such as gallops, marching, and jumping! Your dancer will experience new action songs, obstacle courses, and lots of props to be sure they are enjoying their first introduction to acro dance.

Tiny Tot Hip Hop

Your dancer will love getting funky in their first hip hop class! This high energy class is a perfect way for your student to develop their coordination, strength, and musicality. Students will learn the basics of hip hop, build their sense of rhythm, and explore the joy of moving and grooving to their favorite music in an age appropriate and safe environment. Imagery and props are used to ensure your dancer is having a blast in this fun class!

Tiny Tot Tumbling

If your little dancer loves to flip, this is the class for them! Our Tiny Tot Tumbling class is designed to help young students develop their flexibility and strength as they learn basic acro and tumbling skills such as forward rolls, backwards rolls, bridges, handstands, and cartwheels. Props, learning stations, obstacle courses, and strengthening games will be used to help your dancer grow and have fun in this class.

Tutu Cute

Tutu Cute is designed to be your little dancer's first interactions to independent dancing in a classroom setting. These dancers will learn to gallop, jump, and march, as well as important social skills such as following directions and taking turns. Our Tutu Cute classes incorporate lots of props, action songs, and imagination work to ensure our littlest dancers are having fun while they're dancing and learning.


Our preschool class is a great way to induce your dancer to both ballet and tap! Students will learn traditional pre-ballet and tap skills in an age-appropriate and fun manner. Your dancer will learn to shuffle, flap, plie, gallop, skip and so much more as we use props, learn new songs, and use our imagination to develop both our bodies and minds.


Our Kindermovement Class is designed to grow with your growing dancer. Designed as a faster paced class than our preschool class, dancers in kindermovement will continue to expand their pre-ballet and tap vocabulary, develop their sense of musicality, and advance their sequencing and patterning skills all in a playful and age-appropriate manner. This class makes use of props, action songs, and creative movement to develop your dancer's love of dance and growing technique.

Combo/Primary/Intermediate and Teen Levels


A classical approach essentially based upon Vagonova technique. Class will consist on barre work, center, across the floor, comprehending vocabulary, melodic execution, and understanding correct placement and usage of ones own body.


A collaboration of jazz technique and stylistic dance. Class consists of warm-up, across the floor, combinations and choreography. Jazz concentrates on flexibility, strength, and musicality.


A style that encompasses the use of balance, flexibility and control utilizing the lyrics and feeling of music.

Hip Hop

A technique that uses primarily street style moves to age appropriate hip hop music. We offer an all boys and male/female classes!


Short for Acrobatics. This style consists of controlled moves such as walkovers, limbers, handstands, chestrolls, etc. May contain gymnastic passes, flexibility moves, and/or contortionist moves. Our staff is Acrobatic Arts certified, providing your dancer a safe environment to learn and grow in.


Dancers will gain a understanding of Tap technique, with intricate footwork and comprehension of rhythmic sounds, precision and distinctness of movement. Class includes warm- up, across the floor, combinations, choreography and understanding the history of tap.

**Kidz Club Class descriptions can be found on the Kids Club Page!

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