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We are so excited to be back dancing in-studio with all our Elite dancers this season! As the pandemic protocols on a state and local level continue to evolve, we have established our current Elite COVID-19 protocols based on the information provided to us from our local Board of Health and government officials as of today to keep everyone in our Elite family safe and dancing.

Please know that these protocols will likely evolve and be amended throughout the year. Updates will be emailed, posted on social media (Instagram & Facebook) as well as updated on our website under COVID Policies. Know that our priority will always be the safety and health of our dancers and their families as we amend and review these policies throughout the year. Please feel free to reach out to our office if you have any questions after reading through these policies. All policies are mandatory for families, dancers, and staff to follow to attend Elite this season.

General Elite Facility Policies:

Pick Up Drop Off Procedures:

All dancers and parents/guardians are required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status at all pick up and drop offs for the time being while at Elite! No exceptions!

Dancers age 5 and under

Dancers age 6 and over

Elite Student & Staff Policies:

Additional Policies:


All the information below will apply to all dancers and faculty regardless of vaccination status.

**PCR and/or Rapid tests are accepted including the at-home tests.

Exposure/Symptom Issue

When can I return to dance?

Do I have to get tested?

Dancer is exposed to a known positive person

Dancer must receive a negative test day 2 or later post exposure date. If you elect to not get tested, dancer can quarantine for 10 days before returning as long as they show no symptoms.

Yes, the dancer must get a test on or after the 2nd day from the date of exposure.

Dancer is exposed to a potential or presumed positive person

Wait for the potential exposure person to notify you of their test results (dancer should not attend dance until results of exposure are known and confirmed). If negative, you can return to dance immediately. If they are positive see the protocol above.

If your exposure person turns out to be negative, then no, you do not need a test. If they are positive see the protocols for known positive exposure above.

Dancer is experiencing symptoms, even mild, including but not limited to fever, cough (even mild), sneezing, sore throat, headache, runny nose or congestion, fatigue, new loss of taste or smell, stomach upset, body aches

The fastest way to get back to dance is to have a negative test result. However, if you are unable to get your dancer tested or if you do not wish to have your dancer tested, they must complete a mandatory extended 14-day quarantine from the day their symptoms began before they can return to dance.

YES/NO, if experiencing COVID-19/DELTA like symptoms you must have a negative test result before returning to dance OR complete a mandatory extended 14-day quarantine from the date your symptoms began.

Member of dancer’s household exposed to known positive or presumed positive person

Member of the household should quarantine and get tested 2+ days after exposure. If the household member is negative the dancer does not need to quarantine or get tested to return. Dancer must remain home until the familymember in the household is confirmed negative.

If family member is negative, no. If family member is positive see “dancer exposed to known positive person” protocol above and amend that your dancer's last date of “exposure” is the 10th day after the family member’s positive test result.

Dancer travelled out of the state of Massachusetts

Must follow all MA State Travel Advisory Guidelines for isolation & testing found at

It is highly recommended that dancers who travel out of the state still follow the testing advisory before returning to dance.

Dancer tested positive for COVID-19

Dancer must quarantine for a minimum of 10 days after the positive test result.

No, once dancer has completed the mandatory 10 day quarantine period they are able to return to dance without an additional COVID-19 test